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Meter Tube Accessories

Meter Tube Accessories

Flow Conditioners

The RJ50 Flow Conditioner was added to our supply chain in 2014 as an affordable option to achieve a repeatable, fully developed flow profile while reducing pressure loss in pipelines. To comply with the American Gas Association Report No. 3 standards and testing, Axis manufactures the universally accepted and expired patent design for the Laws/K-Lab/ NOVA-50E type flow conditioner. Our customers can rest assured that if they install the RJ50 Flow Conditioner to AGA Report 3 (2000) specifications they will see a repeatable, fully developed flow profile.

Thermowells, Sample Probes, and Testwells

RJ Machine Thermowells, Sample Probes and Testwells are manufactured from solid 304 stainless steel bar stock and available in many threaded combinations. The versatility of the designs allows for easy installation in many piping configurations. With over 80,000 pieces in stock, we are able to ensure quick delivery on 2″ through 10″ insertion sizes. Custom sizes can be ordered and typically ready to ship in 5-7 business days.

Leveling Saddles

Whether mounting a chart recorder, solar panel, or antenna, the RJ Machine Leveling Saddle is a rugged choice for all meter tube installations. Available in 2″ – 12″ cast steel, our durable design will accommodate any 2″ NPT attachment. With over 10,000 saddles in stock, we are can accommodate any project deadline.