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AXIS Valves & Gauge Valves

AXIS Valves & Gauge Valves


Valves PDP, or Pressure Drop Performance, refers to the measurement of the pressure difference that occurs as a fluid or gas moves through a valve. This measurement is important in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of a valve. A valve with a higher PDP means that more pressure is being lost as the fluid or gas moves through the valve. This can result in inefficiencies and added costs for energy consumption. On the other hand, a valve with a lower PDP means that less pressure is being lost and therefore the valve is more efficient. In order to optimize valve performance and minimize energy costs, it is important to choose a valve with a PDP that is appropriate for the specific process and requirements at hand.

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Block & Bleed Valves

The Axis block and bleed valve is designed for mounting to pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, or pressure switches. The valve features a traditional two-valve block and bleed design with a standard vent/calibration connection of ¼” FNPT. Additional features include a near-to-shape forged body, one-piece stem, non-rotating ball tip, and stem seals engineered to provide a bubble-tight seal.

Ball Valves

Our 1/2″ ball valves have a reduced handle so they can be easily threaded into telemetering taps, Male x Female and Female x Female Designs, Investment casting body and blow-out proof stem, Lockable handle and reliable sealing, easy operation, low maintenance, and cost-effective

AX2N6G 5-2

Needle Valves

Mini Needle Valve features

Mini Gas Valve features

Gauge Valves & Gauges