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5-Valve Manifolds

5-Valve Manifolds

Axis 5-Valve Manifolds are available in Pipe x Flange and Flange x Flange arrangements in A105 and 316 Stainless Steel.

Additional designs we offer include a 90 degree manifold which gives the option of mounting vertically from the backside of the manifold. This design is also available in Pipe x Flange or Flange x Flange configurations.

We also offer a manifold with a 1.3″ connection for a Rosemount transmitter, which eliminates having to purchase the additional coplanar piece when fitting up to that particular pressure transmitter brand.

Made for custody transfer applications, the Axis 5 Valve Manifold features full bores and is factory tested for shell and seat leakage. Ergonomic hand design and spacing allows for easy operation in the field and the color coded dust caps will help field techs to confidently isolate, equalize and vent the valves.

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